Blog – Holding a Slugging Wrench

Slugging Wrenches offer an inexpensive alternative to bolting or unbolting flanges. Most companies already have them on hand and training is minimal.

Yet, some industrial plants have gone as far as to ban slugging wrenches in their plants, and really, who can blame them. Think of yourself as the person that holds the slugging wrench while some guy swings a 20 Lb. sledge-hammer at the strike surface of the slugging wrench. When he misses and hits your hand, your gloves will offer you very little protection.

According to the National Safety Council, the average cost of a single hand injury is $21,918.00. That is just the financial cost; you also have a severely injured employee. Slugging wrenches have slowly seen a decline in use for the last several years.

Well now, the slugging wrenches are making an incredible comeback! Many plants and job sites have lifted the ban and welcomed them back as a bolting alternative. The reason why is the HammerTight Slugging Wrench Retainer. HammerTight Slugging Wrench Retainers are entirely HANDS-FREE! Slide the slugging wrench over the nut, and screw down the HammerTight on what’s left of the threads. Now you can strike the slugging wrench, pull back on the spring-loaded plate of the HammerTight, and restrike the wrench again, repeating the process until the nut is tightened or loosened. Then, simply unscrew the HammerTight and move to the next nut. It is that simple and that safe! The person that used to hold the slugging wrench can find another task, happy that they never have to hold a slugging wrench again.

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