EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator

EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator

We’ve got your back! SMP brings you the safest and easiest way to turn difficult multi-turn valves in your facility. With the EZE Turn portable valve actuator, operations personnel can fully open or close long-winded valves in less time and with considerably less effort than turning by hand. Simply hook up the included air filter regulator to your plant air system and then connect your EZE Turn portable valve actuator. Pictured here is the EZE Turn Torque Stick to further help relieve the stress and strain injuries associated with turning valves.

For each Valve you need to operate using the EZE Turn portable valve actuator you will need an EZE Turn drive plate. Please refer to the EZE Turn product selection guide located on the last page of the EZE Turn brochure to determine which drive plate will fit best on your handwheel(s). For example if you have a concave handwheel you will need an extension drive plate to be able to operate with the EZE Turn portable valve actuator.

For operation and maintenance instructions please refer to the videos on the EZE Turn portable valve actuator page on our website. There you will find information on how to use the tool safely and effectively, how to set the regulator to the appropriate level, and how to maintain your portable valve actuator so that it will function for a long time. If ever you do run into a maintenance issue with the tool, feel free to call or email SMP and we can have it professionally inspected. The factory located here in Texas is able to inspect each part and piece of the tool to assess why it would not function properly. With fast local and reasonable service, your crews can be back up and running in no time.

The EZE Turn product line also features a number of cool accessories designed to help plant operations. Things like storage boxes or tool carts to help keep your tools from being left out near the valve. The storage cart conveniently holds the EZE turn portable valve actuator wrench 1-2 drive plates, a long air hose, and the air filter regulator. That way you can roll the entire cart out from the control room to right where the valve is located. As previously mentioned, EZE Turn also offers a torque stick, to help deflect the force felt on the operator when the tool is in use. The torque stick can go straight to the ground (as seen in the picture above), or it can be used to hold on to the grating below. External retention adapters are also available. With these adapters the operator can easily engage and disengage from the drive plate. Otherwise the operator is forced to hold the head on the drive plate directly which does take some amount of force. By using the external retention adapters the tool can stay engaged on the drive plate without the operator’s effort.

For more information or questions regarding the EZE Turn portable valve actuator tool call, click or email SMP Tools today.


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