Flange Maintenance Solutions

Flange Maintenance Solutions

Spreading flanges, as well as aligning the bolt holes on flanges can be fraught with challenges. Whether you are in a refinery, petrochemical plant, midstream operation, water-wastewater plant, offshore production platform, or anywhere flanges are found, no two sets of companion flanges are the same.


Flanges can be different diameters and different series depending on the amount of pressure the piping is rated for. Some flanges don’t have a gap between them, such as those found in water service. Some large flanges have a wide gap between them, such as those found in a in a natural gas storage facility. Sometimes even small flanges can be harder to spread than larger ones.


Once the new gasket is inserted or the isolation blind is in place, the next required step is to realign the bolt holes so that the flange bolts can be reinserted. Some flanges can be realigned easily with a screw driver, and others can be so far out of alignment or so rigid as to require a maintenance crew to cut the flanges out and start over.


At SMP, we have seen it all; we have the expertise to provide the safest and most effective tools to spread and align any size and series of flange. No matter how rigid and hard to spread or align, we have the best solution for you.


Now, SMP has made finding the right flange spreader or right flange alignment tool simple, with the click of your computer mouse. Go to www.smptools.com and in the upper right hand corner of our front page, click on the INTERACTIVE FLANGE/BOLT CHART. Every size and series of flange can be found. Listed will be the number of studs, the diameter of the studs, and the length of the studs along with nut size for each flange. When you click on the flange size, the chart will tell you what flange spreader to use along with the best flange alignment tool options that would work best. You will also find all of our other products that make flange work safer!!


Call us at (713) 667-4402. We would love to make your industrial workplace safer and more productive!!

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