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Hand safety has never been more important while performing industrial maintenance tasks. One area of mechanical maintenance safety that gets overlooked, is the tightening of flanged nuts.

On one side of the flange you have the operator of the hydraulic torque wrench or possibly an air impact wrench, and on the other side of the flange you have someone to hold the back-up wrench. The holder of the back-up wrench is especially vulnerable to hand injury. He does not know the exact moment the wrench operator will pull the trigger. If not prepared, fingers can get crushed between the back-up wrench and the nut. When you account for threads that are possibly cross threaded or galled, the holder of the back-up wrench is never prepared, and injury is near certain. Long handled back-up wrenches have been known to injure other parts of the body including the face.

Lokrite Hands-Free Back-Up Wrenches solve the problem. Lokrite wrenches react on the next nut with the use of a stud that can be loosened after torqueing, making for easy removal from the nut. When used according to procedure, hands are nowhere near the nut. As a matter of fact, the person that typically holds the back-up wrench can perform another task, or that individual can follow the “Hands Flash Method” as safe way for the wrench holder to work with the wrench operator. Here is a link to the video that describes that method https://vimeo.com/238843223.

Lokrite Hands-Free Back-Up Wrenches are magnetic, so they adhere directly to the flange, including upside down. Each tool can be tethered to keep from falling from the work area.

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