Premium Blind and Weldneck Flange Lifters

Premium Blind and Weldneck Flange Lifters

Safety and reliability are top concerns when working day to day with heavy machinery. Your clients are relying on you to get the job done well and as efficiently as possible. You need to be able to rely on your tools to do the job they are intended to perform. You also need to be able to trust they will keep you and your employees safe in the process. SMP Tools’ Flange Lifter tools are designed specifically to answer these needs.

Superior Flange Lifters

You will not find better tools for use in your plant anywhere else. We use the best materials and take the time to ensure our tools are the highest quality. They are designed with you in mind.

  • A Safer Option – Every tool is load tested and mag particle inspected prior to delivery. This means you know you have the safest possible tools for flange lifting you can find.
  • Efficiency In Mind – Our flange lifters feature swappable spacers and arms. This means you can fit them to the exact flange thickness you need in every situation.
  • A Reliable Tool- Our flange lifting tools lift and lower blind and weldneck flanges by the bolts. This gives you the most reliable method to move blind and weldneck flanges from place to place in your plant.

Just the Size You Need

Our Flange Elevators are available in different sizes to meet all the different scenarios you encounter day to day. Each model features adjustable plates to fit a range of flanges.  

Tools You Can Trust

When you are working hard to exceed your clients’ expectations, you need to know you have tools you can trust. Specialty Maintenance Products specializes in “Best Practice” industrial tools designed for maximum safety and efficiency. We offer employee education and tool-use demonstrations. Contact Us for more information on our Flange Lifters or other products.

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