SafeRoll Portable Davit System

The Safe Roll is a portable davit arm which does not require a crane to install. If your davit post is not in good working condition, this is the tool you’ve been looking for.
The Safe Roll system comes with a portable davit arm, manway bracket and 3 expanding collet pin sets. The Safe Roll requires 2 expanding collets to bolt on the portable davit arm to the tower or tank flange and the third expanding collet is used to secure the manway bracket onto the manway. With the SMP Safe Roll portable davit arm you can safely remove manways from the tallest towers and tanks without the use of a crane. The Safe Roll Portable Davit system can also be used over and over and speeds up the job time during a turnaround.
The Safe Roll saves you the time-consuming, and cost-generating routine of davit inspection and repair. And because of its portability, the Safe Roll conveniently stores in your tool room or other small storage facility. And not only is it portable, it’s very lightweight. The SafeRoll davit arm only weighs about 15 pounds.
And the most important thing of all is that the Safe Roll lives up to its name . . . it is very safe. SMP’s Safe Roll has been tested to 10,000 lbs. and will safely roll and lift two tons. The Safe Roll bracket will fit 24″ 150’s, 24″ 300’s, and 20″ 300’s. And custom sizes of portable davit systems are available.
Call the experts at SMP for specific sizes and product specifications.

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