EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator

The EZE Turn portable valve actuator gives you the ease of automatic actuation with the portability of a hand tool. Simply bolt the drive plate onto any valve hand wheel and twist the throttle.
The EZE Turn portable valve actuator allows operators to cut valve wheel turning time down from hours to minutes. Instead of having multiple operators tirelessly turn a manual valve, they will fight over who gets to use this tool. The EZE Turn PVA makes operating difficult valves a breeze and comes with multiple safety features to protect workers in process areas. The speed and torque are regulated not only by the air filter lubricator but also by the spring loaded throttle. If either the throttle or the emergency cut off switch are released the tool automatically stops. Set the amount of airflow on the external filter lubricator regulator (FRL) and then throttle the tool from zero to full to actuate any valve.
The EZE Turn PVA features a wide variety of helpful accessories including; custom extension drive plates, tool carts, and a torque stick to help minimize the strain on the operator. Please review the attached spec sheet in the Resources section of this page.
The EZE Turn portable valve actuator will save time and effort when turning long winded or difficult valves. This more ergonomic solution will also help prevent the common back strain and stress injuries associated with turning large valves by hand. During use the operator should be standing with feet shoulder width apart with the throttle centered on their body. Before operating, please be observant of potential nearby hazards.

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