Western Technology Explosion Proof, Durable, Portable, Powerful Lights

Western Technology Industrial LED Lights

For over 40 years, Western Technology has developed and innovated the highest quality industrial LED lights in the market. As an American manufacturer, Western Technology lights are made to the highest standards for the harshest environments. Designed to solve lighting problems in critical workspaces, these portable work lights bring “tool like” reliability to demanding jobs. These portable lights are certified for Wet Location, Portable Luminaire, Explosion Proof (Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups C & D, and Class II, Div. 1 & 2, Groups E, F, and G), and Low Voltage (LVLE).

A well-lit work site is essential for worker safety and accuracy. With Western Technology lights, working in the dark is a thing of the past. Reduce jobsite safety risks, such as accidents caused by poor visibility.



Designed to be portable, the BRICK is the perfect industrial lighting solution. Lightweight & durable, the BRICK can by carried easily to the jobsite and survive any bumps or drops along the way. Studded with 96 LEDs, the BRICK can illuminate 150-200 ft. With a multitude of different mounting options, such as Magnetic, Tripod, or Mechanical fixtures, the BRICK can be easily installed in all environments.


The BODYLight is the first explosion proof, rechargeable, battery powered LED light in the world. This body mounted LED light produces up to 2500 lumens and allows your hands to be free to work on the task at hand. Working hands free in a well-lit environment, reduces the likelihood of hand injuries.

There are also multiple LED options for the BODYLight, to fit your maintenance application. The BODYLight UVA LED option is great for NDI/NDT Testing, typical in aeronautical maintenance and manufacturing inspections, for detecting cracks, leaks, and other microscopic holes & defects. The BODYLight UVC LED option is built as a germicidal disinfectant, for today’s COVID times. This light kills germs & viruses almost immediately, when held 4 inches from a hard surface.


The STRIKER is built as an industrial flashlight, whose long handle configuration is perfect for hand-held inspection use in hazardous locations and confined spaces. The short handle configuration, with a dome diffuser & hook mount converts this explosion proof light into a drop light.




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