If you’re looking for a rod out tool that allows clogged bleeder, vent and instrument tap valves to be cleaned safely and efficiently while containing process material, the AMS FlowBoss rod out tools from SMP are the answer.

FlowBoss rod out tools eliminate the hazards of dangerous fires, spills and vapor releases while performing bleed valve cleaning tasks. The FlowBoss bleeder cleaner is the only tool available to safely clean clogged instrument taps, drain valves, manifolds and orifice taps. With the FlowBoss rod out tool, you’ll never again be forced to use a dangerous items like welding rods, number 9 wire or other risky contraptions that lack pressure gauges or vent valves to rod out valves and taps.

AMS FlowBoss Bleeder Cleaners are high-quality tools that can be used continually. Made with Swagelok fittings, and liquid filled pressure gauges FlowBoss can handle up to 3,000 psi (standard tools with type 3 packing go up to 1,000 psi) of pressure. Field serviceable repair kits are available from SMP which extends the life of each FlowBoss tool dramatically over the competition. FlowBoss bleeder cleaner rod out tools are now also available with Indestructible drill bits.

If your Refinery or Petrochemical plant is not using the FlowBoss bleeder cleaner rod out tools, then your operators are using unsafe techniques or unsafe bleeder cleaner rod out tools. Flow Boss Bleeder Cleaner Rod Out Tools are the only Rod Out Tools on the market that can be taken apart, cleaned or repaired, and put back together to A1 condition.

SMP also offers training for FlowBoss Bleeder Cleaner Rod Out Tools so your personnel can use them safely from day one. Call today for sales information or demonstration needs for the FlowBoss Bleeder Cleaner Rod Out Tools.



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