Designed by a Belgian engineering firm, the SMP-MS1 Pipe Rack Jack was developed to lift pipe for inspection or to replace and refurbish supports underneath the pipe. It takes one minute to install and can lift up to 5,500 pounds.

The SMP-MS1 Pipe Rack Jack eliminates the need to hire an expensive crane or build scaffolding to inspect your pipes. Your annual pipe maintenance can now be performed faster, more cost-effectively, and of utmost importance, safer.

Available for either purchase or rent, the Pipe Rack Jack from SMP is a simple, safe, CE-approved, corrosion-resistant solution to a normally expensive problem.

The Pipe Rack Jack is constructed of anodized high tensile aluminum, and can handle pipe diameters up to 16” (DN400). It can lift a maximum load of 5,500 pounds and the spindles reach a maximum height up to 19”. A remarkable feature of the Pipe Rack Jack is that the total weight of the product is only 54 pounds.
SMP Pipe Rack Jack Accessories include the Central Support for added stability with unevenly weighted loads, and the Big V attachments for larger diameter or insulated pipe. The SMP-MS1 Pipe Rack Jack is available for rent or sale and comes in a hard shell rolling case for easy transport.

JV Driver Project Manager
“JV Driver purchased two of these for use in the pipe rack to lift piping. We were using a crane to do our lifting. We budgeted about $50,000 per rack for the use of the crane.. With the use of these jack we have eliminated the crane.
We were also using crane hoist to do our lifting and the pipe rack jack is so much faster. This tool has allowed us to reduce our cost and pass the cost reduction on to the client. I would recommend this tool to anyone who needs to do any lifting of pipe in the rack.”



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