Flanged valve replacement and flange separation just got a whole lot easier.

Our Valve-Out Tool grabs the bolt holes of the outside flanges and pulls them back, allowing you to safely remove an old valve and replace with a new one. Need to replace a gasket, no problem. Use the Valve-Out Tool flange to flange as a flange separator. Since the tool works by grabbing the bolt holes, it can be used as a valve replacement tool or flange spreader on all flat-faced or raised face flanges.

Once the flanges are spread apart, our Flange King Gasket Remover can scrape the old gasket off and prepare a new sealing surface.

If you have ever had troubles lining up the bolt holes to get your bolts back in, those days are over. Our Titan Flange Line Up Pins are sized according to the bolt hole. You simply insert them and turn them 180 degrees. You only need two pins and your are completely lined up in seconds.

Our Lokrite Back Up Wrenches mean that no one needs to hold a back up wrench again. That guy can go do something else.

If changing the seals on centrifugal pumps has caused you issues in the past, check out the SMP Impeller Wrench. This tool safely holds onto either open or closed impellers safely to allow you to break them free to access the pump seals for inspection and repair. 

Our tools mean the job gets done safer with increased productivity!

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