For over 100 years maintenance technicians have relied on wedges to spread flanged connections. In order to create a gap, 2 wedges would be hammered in between the flange faces in opposite directions. As the thicker part of the wedges are driven against one another the flanges are spread until the desired width is reached. The problem that occurs is the wedges can fly out under extreme pressure and cause serious injuries to workers, even at great distances.

The AMS SafetyWedgeTM tethered safety wedge sets from SMP Tools offer maintenance technicians a way to use wedges in a safer way. The safety lanyard that runs through both wedges prevents each wedge from flying away from the other. On the end of each side of the tether is a convenient loop for holding onto a nearby nut, and in the center is a cinch to tighten the cable in place. This tethering system confines both wedges to the immediate area and prevents them from flying out at high speeds.

AMS SafetyWedgeTM tethered safety wedge sets from SMP are available in both straight and banana configurations and in either brass or steel construction. The brass wedges are spark free and with the safety tether are designed to be the safest flange wedge on the market.  




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