SMP offers the most complete line of flange alignment tools on the market. Whether you need one tool or a combination of tools we can get you back in alignment quickly and safely. Flange alignment tools from SMP are both safer and more efficient than swinging hammers at drift pins or fighting with spud wrenches. Whether you need flange alignment pins or flange alignment tools, SMP is the place to go for your flange alignment tool needs.
There’s no hammering or fighting with spud wrenches with SMP’s Flange Alignment Pins. Simply insert the Cadmium (CAD) plated flange alignment pins and turn to correct both up and down and rotational misalignment. Titan Flange Alignment Pins are the safest, easiest, and most cost effective way to realign flange bolt holes. Pin sizes range from 3/8″ through 3-5/8”. There is no better flange alignment solution when using isolation kits in flange bolt holes.
The FlangeBoss Mechanical flange alignment tool is designed for those scenarios where your flanges are misaligned by more than one bolt hole. This tool is mechanically driven and can create up to 10,000 lbs of force. There are 2 models of FlangeBoss Flange Alignment Tool the FAT8KM (8,000 pounds of force) and the FAT10KM (10,000 pounds of force.) FlangeBoss is manufactured in the USA.
With exceptional safety features and up to nine tons of force, the Equalizer brand of flange alignment tools offer a different solution to the same problem. Equalizer flange alignment tools are for heavy duty flanges that are misaligned. Hydraulic flange alignment tools are designed to realign large diameter or heavy flanges that are significantly out of alignment.To learn more about how to maximize productivity while minimizing injury risk for your bolting and torquing crew, call or set up an appointment with one of our sales associates today.

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SMP offers the most complete line of flange alignment tools on the market.

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