Replacing flanged valves and meters for water service is no longer dangerous and time consuming work. Whether you are replacing a Mueller gate valve, an electromagnetic flow meter, back flow preventers, butterfly valves and the like, the Valve-Out Tool is the answer. Whether you’re in a pump room, a vault or coming off a tank and going into the ground, the Valve-Out Tool offers the user the flange separation power to remove an old valve or meter and replace it with a new one. Because the Valve-Out Tool works by grabbing the bolt holes, the tool is effective on flat-faced or raised face flanges. Separate companion flanges to change out a gasket, or pull outside flanges back to change out a valve or meter. No more need to tear apart sections of piping. No more need for come-a-longs, wedges or other unsafe techniques. The Valve-Out Tool pays for itself in the first few uses by keeping workers safe and saving hours of labor.




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