Turnaround Tools

SMP carries a number of different tools that can be invaluable during your next big turnaround or maintenance project.

The Pipe Rack Jack and BobbyJack are 2 portable pipe lifting solutions that allow you to lift pipe off of beams to do inspection or pipe maintenance work, without having to call in a crane. They each install in a matter of minutes and can save you thousands of dollars in crane rental fees on your next turnaround. The SMP MS1 Pipe Rack Jack is capable of lifting up to 5,500 pounds and the BobbyJack Pipe Lifter is capable of lifting up to 12,000 pounds.

SMP Flange Lifters give workers a safe and tested solution when lifting up blind and weldneck flanges. Instead of relying on welding lifting eyes or hooking up chokers to lift flanges, the SMP Flange Lifters have all been load tested and mag particle inspected. Available in 4 different size and style options capable of lifting up to 5,000 pounds we have the perfect flange lifter to fit your needs.

SMP Flange Belts are available in 2 different models to fit a variety of flange sizes and series. The purpose of the SMP Flange Belt is to direct the product spray away from the operator during line breaks. This will prevent the operator from being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

The FlangeKing Gasket Multi-tool is a very handy tool for any maintenance technician. The FlangeKing features a sturdy 8” blade gasket scraper, a hook to remove the old gasket material, a beefy “no slip” handle, stud reference guide, ruler, and an LED flashlight for better visibility inside the flange gap. The FlangeKing Gasket Multi-tool will save you time and effort during your next turnaround.

The SMP Valve-Out industrial valve removal tool, will save hours of time and effort for maintenance and turnaround crews. The task of removing valves, meters, spools etc. from between steel flanges is a nightmare the old fashioned way. Crews have to rig up come-a-longs or use backhoes to yank apart the outside sections of pipe to remove the center piece. And then squeezing the new piece in place can still be difficult. The SMP Valve-Out is designed to do this work in far less time with significantly less effort. Drastically reducing man hours and the potential for injury.

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