SMP Flange Belts protect workers from chemical exposure, hot liquid spray, or gas burns. The patented innovative design of the SMP Flange Belt deflects the product spray through the bolt holes instead of directly spraying the operator.

When unbolting flange connections it is likely that dangerous gases or chemicals will spray out onto your work crew. This puts your personnel in the direct line of fire when breaking open flange sets. Deflecting the spray through the bolt holes of the flanges ensures protection from chemical spray exposure. SMP Flange Belts are not intended to seal or contain any pressure, but to deflect product spray into a known and safer direction.

To use the SMP Flange Belt, simply loop the flange belt around the flange and engage the cam over latch to prevent chemical exposure, hot liquid spray, gas burns, and a multitude of other LTI-causing incidents.

The Flange Belt is available in 2 sizes: the SMP FD1 Spray Deflector Belt fits flanges with pipe OD up to 22 inches and the SMP FD2 Spray Deflector Belt fits flanges with pipe OD up to 45 inches. The SMP Flange Belt also features a flange access gap to allow the operator to use a Pop-It tool or a pry bar to break the seal between flanges. SMP Flange Belts are meant to be used as an extra line of protection and should never be used instead of, or without, proper PPE.



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