The BobbyJack Pipe Lifter offers a unique solution to an expensive problem. When pipe or pipe support maintenance needs to be performed, typically a crane is hired to lift the pipe at every contact point along the run. This is a costly and time consuming process that is going on all the time in petrochemical plants and refineries. The BobbyJack Pipe Lifting tool from SMP will revolutionize pipe maintenance work.

The BobbyJack is a single sided hydraulic pipe lifting tool that locks onto the beam beneath pipe to allow users to lift and inspect pipe and pipe supports. The BobbyJack Pipe lifting tool is made up of 5 pieces that you assemble directly below the pipe you are lifting. A pair of support arms reach over and grab onto the far side of the beam on which the pipe rests. Then the lift cradle is hung between the support arms and houses the hydraulic jack. Once the hydraulic jack is inserted, attach the appropriate lifting “V” and secure it with a retention pin. Now you are ready to actuate the hydraulic jack to begin raising the lifting “V” until it comes in contact with the pipe. Each stroke of the hydraulic jack results in 1/8” of movement for a powerful yet controlled lift. With the pipe raised, you can now perform any sand blasting, painting, pipe shoe or wear pad replacement or maintenance.

The BobbyJack Pipe Lifting tool has a 12,000 pound lift capacity and can accommodate any size pipe and all standard beam sizes. Custom units are available upon request. Currently BobbyJack Pipe Lifting tools are available for sale or rent



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