Whether its an open end or a closed end impeller system, replacing worn out seals on centrifugal pumps is a difficult and dangerous task. The industrial process pump repair technician puts his hands at risk when trying to remove either open or closed style impellers off from the main pump body. Mechanics also risk damaging key pump components, like the impeller or the drive end shaft, trying to break the two loose from each other. Damaging these key pump components can cause premature pump failure.

Typically, a mechanic asked to repair a centrifugal pump must figure out an effective way to break the impeller loose from the input shaft. They resort to using unsafe methods like holding sharp open-end impellers with their hands or inferior tools like a strap wrench. Then to break the impeller free mechanics are forced to hold the drive shaft in place and beat the impeller loose, which can warp and damage the impeller vanes. Without the proper tools this is a difficult and dangerous task that both puts the equipment and the craftsman at risk.

The safer, smarter and more cost-effective way of repairing centrifugal pumps is to use the SMP Pump Impeller Wrench system. Each kit comes with a set of sockets that grip the drive end shaft without galling or marring the shaft itself, and a wrench for holding the impeller side. We offer both closed end kits, for closed impeller pumps, and open end kits for open impeller pumps. These impeller wrenches protect workers hands by keeping them far away from the sharp impeller vanes, and the wrenches also distribute even force around the eye of the impeller, making it easier to break them loose.




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