The Petol HammerTight slugging wrench retainer is a unique, hands-free device that holds a striking wrench, back-up wrench or a low-clearance torque wrench in place to prevent hand injuries. HammerTight wrench retainers eliminate the need for 2 people when operating a hammer wrench. The Hammer Tight slugging wrench retainer also promotes safety in that it takes worker’s hands out of the “line of fire.” The beauty of the HammerTight striking wrench retainer is in its design. With the hammer wrench or box-end wrench in place, simply thread the HammerTight slugging wrench retainer over the stud and you’re ready to go. The spring-loaded retaining plate allows the striking wrench to be indexed without having to unscrew the retainer. Other innovative design features of the Hammer Tight hammer wrench retainer include: powdercoated spring and retaining plate, swivel tie-off ring for fall prevention, and lathed barrel for easy spring compression. The HammerTight striking wrench retainer provides a more ergonomic solution to a dangerous job. Removing a second person eliminates the chance for hand injury as well as allows for better body positioning from the worker swinging the hammer.

The HammerTight slugging wrench retainers are available from 5/8” to 2-1/2” stud sizes and nut sizes from 1-1/4” to 3-7/8”. The HammerTight striking wrench retainer SMP-HTS34178 set comes with 10 Hammer Tight sizes (3/4″ – 1-7/8″) and a case with custom foam inserts.

HammerTight hammer wrench retainers promote SMP’s message of safer and more efficient tool solutions by transforming a 2 person job into a 1 person job while at the same time removing workers hands from dangerous swinging hammers.



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