Contact Point Pipe Lifters

These safe, easy to use and portable pipe lifter tools are a better alternative to rigging in the rack or renting a crane in order to lift pipe at all points of contact. With either style of Contact Point Pipe Lifter tools from SMP a two man crew can quickly safely and more easily lift pipe for painting, sandblasting, or pipe support maintenance work. Both styles are available for sale or for rental for your next maintenance project.

The Pipe Rack Jack point of contact pipe lifter is lightweight (main body weighs 37 pounds) and attaches to the bottom of the I beam. With a maximum load capability of 2.5 Tons the Pipe Rack Jack is ideally suited to lift and hold pipes up to 14″ in diameter.

The BobbyJack point of contact pipe lifter is hydraulically driven and can safely lift and hold up to 12,000 pounds. The BobbyJack lifts pipe only from one side of the beam leaving the other side completely accessible for maintenance work. Custom units are available to fit nearly every size and style of pipe and beam.

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