Mechanical and Hydraulic Flange Spreaders

SMP stocks the largest variety of pipe flange spreaders in the country. We have every major make and model from SafetyWedge tethered wedge sets to the 50 Ton Equalizer Hydraulic Flange Spreader Maxi Kit and everything in between. Each style of flange spreader that we carry has its own set of advantages. The FlangeBoss Flange Spreader is made right here in the USA and features a pin-through bolt-hole design that prevents the flange spreader from ever falling out of the flange gap. The Pop-it Tool P95-525 mechanical flange spreader is compact, lightweight, and powerful. Weighing in at only 12 pounds, the P95-525 Pop-it Tool creates up to 10,000 pounds of spread force and an overall spread of 5.5” This one size fits all tool works great in pairs like in the P95-525 Kit. The Pop-it Tool PHD0535 mechanical flange spreader is the big brother to the P95-525. The PHD0535 weighs 35 pounds and can create up to 30,000 pounds of spread force. The PHD0535 is ideally suited for RTJ type flanges or other flanges with a significant gap. The Equalizer line of Flange Spreader tools features an array of different flange spreader tool options to fit almost any situation you may have. We have Equalizer flange spreader tools ranging from the MG7TM (7 Tons of force) mini gap mechanical flange spreader, all the way up to the SWi2025TE hydraulic flange spreader maxi kit which produces up to 100,000 pounds of spread force. Equalizer has developed into the go-to name for hydraulic tools in the industrial realm. The most traditional of the flange spreader tools that SMP carries, are the SafetyWedge tethered wedge sets. Using wedges to spread flanges has become outlawed in certain plants because of the tendency for one or both wedges to fly out under extreme pressure and cause injuries. SMP SafetyWedge tethered wedge sets are designed to prevent these types of recordable injuries with the safety tether built in to the wedges. The SMP Valve-Out Tool is another ingenious flange spreader design. The SMP Valve-Out Tool requires no gap at the spread point because it locks into the outside flange bolt holes to create up to 1/2” of spread. This allows the SMP Valve-Out Tool to be used as a flange spreader, valve replacement tool, gasket replacement tool and valve spreader. With the interchangeable bolt-hole pins and the spacer bar segments, the SMP Valve-Out Tool can fit a multitude of different flanges. The SMP Multi-thickness Safety Chock is a safety device aimed at protecting worker’s hands when working between flanges. Whenever flanges are spread and work is needed to be done inside the flange gap it is always safest to chock the flanges open. The SMP Multi-thickness safety chock will protect workers and keep their hands out of the line of fire.

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SMP stocks the largest variety of pipe flange spreaders in the country.

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