Shove it, Snare it & Hook it Hand Safety Tools

ShoveIt Hand Safety Tool

The ShoveIt™ hand safety tool helps avoid hand injuries while working with suspended loads or maneuvering objects, maintaining proper body positioning for safe handling out of the line of fire.

It enables users to guide loads, move and position pipes and tubulars, as well as grab slings and taglines without physically placing hands on the item.

The ShoveIt push pole enables workers to remain a safe distance away from suspended loads as well as danger zones, avoiding hazardous crush and pinch points while sustaining control of the load being positioned.

SnareIt Hand Safety Tool

The SnareIt hand safety tool eliminates finger and hand exposure to the danger zone while safely maneuvering pipe or other like cylindrical-shaped equipment. The hand tool makes it easy to quickly tighten or loosen the cable around the item to be maneuvered, mitigating risk by minimizing exposure to potential hazards.

The quick release magnetic ball head allows the user to easily loop around any shaped object and maintain control in a more ergonomic way. With loop ranges from 2” to 24” you can carefully hold an maneuver any shape or sized object without putting your hands in the line of fire.

HookIt Hand Safety Tool

The HookIt hand safety tool helps avoid hand and finger injuries while safely maneuvering grating or other like equipment. It acts as an extension of the worker’s body to move, push or reposition the item keeping hands and fingers out of the danger zone, avoiding crush and pinch points while at the same time sustaining control of the object being positioned.

The Hook it tool allows workers to maintain a relaxed and proper body position when moving or pulling objects on the ground, like grating or pallets. The Hook it hand safety tool is currently manufactured with 4 different head options; J shape, angled J shape, T shape and L shape; meaning it has a tremendous number of uses in the field.





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