Innovating Best Practices Since 1996

For over 20 years SMP has delivered safer and more efficient tools to pipe maintenance crews all over the world. We serve the who’s who of the refinery, petrochemical, midstream, pipeline, power generation, and water and wastewater industries, as well as the maintenance and TAR contractors who service these areas.

SMP tools started from the ground up with one innovative tool, the Pop-it Tool flange spreader and quickly became the go-to place for all flange spreader and flange alignment tools. Since that time we have built up a stable of maintenance, TAR and operations related tools that are all innovative in their own right. We carefully evaluate and select our tools based on 2 major criteria, Safety and Efficiency. Each new tool we add to our product line must help save our clients time, effort, and money when compared to the traditional approach for that job. And more importantly, they must be safer to use.

At SMP our mission is to create safer best practices for maintenance and operations work with smarter and better tools.

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SMP carries the best hands-free maintenance tools.

SMP offers the most complete line of flange alignment tools on the market.

SMP stocks the largest variety of pipe flange spreaders in the country.

Specifically designed to make Operations work safer and more efficiently.

Invaluable during your next big turnaround or maintenance project.

Safe, easy to use portable pipe lifter tools.