Modec Handheld Valve Actuator

Modec Handheld Valve Actuator

Manual operation of valves is time consuming and strenuous on workers. Often, the valves are long-winded, and hand wheels are difficult to turn. Valve actuators are key product in reducing stress on worker’s bodies and saving operating time. The capability of Modec handheld valve actuators is beyond any other tools in the marketplace today.

Modec portable valve actuators are universal and modular to allow any of the 3 motor types (electric, gas or pneumatic) to work with any of the 3 head styles (straight, right angle or banjo). Like the tools themselves, the Modec drive plate options can also be chosen to fit your unique requirements. Modec offers both fixed plates that get permanently mounted to valve handwheels and plates designed to stay on the head of the tool. Because each tool comes standard with one of 5 torque reaction management arms, the overall tool length of the pneumatic option can be made extremely short: way shorter than what is capable with other similar products. This allows for the Modec handheld valve actuators to be used in places where competitor’s actuators simply cannot fit. The Modec line of portable valve actuators has the versatility to fit the needs of any specific situation. Instead of being shoehorned into the one item that is available, operations teams can tailor fit the Modec motor, the head, the drive plate, and the safety mechanism to fit your application.

Generally, the tool operator themselves is used as the opposing force to counteract the torque created by the valve actuator. This system used by other portable valve actuators exposes workers to a severe amount of torque, especially at the end of the run. Modec handheld valve actuators each come standard with a torque reaction arm of your choosing. The torque reaction arm and provided strap serve to remove that torque reaction away from the operator and onto another fixed piece of equipment. Besides the included torque reaction arms there are another torque management systems designed for grating or underground valves, that also help make Modec the safest of all the portable valve actuator tools on the market.

Modec is currently manufacturing tools with the technology that the other companies are still trying to figure out. Items like self-centering drive plates mean you can quickly and easily rotate any valve handwheel in your facility without a permanently fixed drive plate. All Modec handheld valve actuators can also be manufactured with torque limiters. This allows the tool to automatically stop turning once it reaches a certain amount of torque, which will both serve to prevent damage to valves and unnecessary torque on the user. Another innovative option for these handheld actuators is the right-angle head; this attachment enables the operator to work in tighter spaces than with other tools. Another innovative accessory for these handheld actuators is the digital revolution counter. This device monitors the turns of either direction, so that the operator always knows where he is in relation to the starting point, while also measuring and indicating the rotation speed.  

It is for these reasons that the Modec Handheld Valve Actuator is the best portable valve actuator tool on the market. These tools are extremely easy to use, safer for both the user and the fixed equipment, and are flexible enough to handle the needs of your organization. Call or email us today for more information.



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