Titan Flange Alignment Pins

Titan flange alignment pins from SMP are safe, fast, and effective. The Titan flange alignment pin’s tapered shaft is a patented feature that eliminates the need for hammering and prying when lining up flange bolt holes. Titan flange alignment pins eliminate the need for hammering drift pins or fighting with spud wrenches.
Find the best bolt hole to insert 1 bolt-hole specific pin, turn 180 degrees, then insert the second bolt-hole specific pin and turn it 180 degrees to line up any size and series of flange. To remove Titan Flange Alignment Pins, simply rotate each pin another 180 degrees. At that point you should be able to remove each pins easily by hand.
Titan flange aligning pins are sold both individually and in sets. The SMP-FTS212 and SMP-FTS1426 sets come in a custom-made, foam-lined kit. Titan flange alignment pins are also available in extra-long “L” versions for situations with a blind in between companion flanges. The Titan flange alignment pin SMP-FTS212 set is also available in an SMP-FTS212L kit.
Titan flange alignment pin sizes range from 3/8” bolt-hole diameter to 3-5/8” bolt-hole diameter, in regular and extra-long lengths. Titan flange alignment pins are made from 4140 heat treated steel and are then black oxide coated for corrosion resistance. Titan flange alignment pins from SMP are the fastest and easiest way to line up bolt holes on companion flanges.
Titan flange alignment pins are the only flange alignment pins on the market that compensate for up and down, as well as rotational misalignment. The simplicity of the Titan flange alignment pins make them the most affordable flange alignment solution on the market.
Titan flange alignment pins are another example of SMP’s dedication to bringing safer and more efficient maintenance tools to the industrial market.

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