RenQuip Flange Spreaders

RenQuip Flange Spreaders

RenQuip is a new brand name out of the UK, but the tools and designs are tried and true. These are the same quality you have come to know and expect, but with a fresh look, available stock and competitive pricing.

The FSW9K is all mechanical, produces 9 Tons of force, and works great in limited clearance applications. The FSW17M is a Maxi kit style tool with 2 separate wedgeheads, 2 hydraulic hoses and a dual port hydraulic pump capable of 34 Tons.

The FSW17P is the most popular of the RenQuip line, as it features an integrated hand pump and wedgehead. This means one mechanic has the power of 17 Tons of force in a compact design.

Part # Tool Style Force
SMP-FSW9K Mechanical 9 Tons
SMP-FSW17P Integrated Hydraulic 17 Tons
SMP-FSW17M External Hydraulic Maxi Kit 34 Tons


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