The Lokrite Hands-Free magnetic Backup Wrench is a revolutionary tool when it comes to bolting or torqueing work. The Lokrite hands-free magnetic backup wrench eliminates the need to have a second person holding a backup wrench during breakouts or bolting and torqueing work. Lokrites are magnetic, pinch-point free, and have a tension release bolt for easy removal. The SMP Lokrite spec sheet shows the torque ratings for each size and style of Lokrite backup wrench. Lokrites are safer than the convential backup wrench for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they are completely hands-free. Lokrite backup wrenches are lighter and easier to carry than conventional backup wrenches and they are available with tie offs and tethers for fall protection. The new open ended Lokrite backup wrench design is particularly useful in tight clearance situations where a full boxend wrench will not fit. The openend Lokrite tools feature a locking safety cleat to ensure that the tools do not come off. Of course they too come with the patented embedded magnet technology of the standard Lokrite hands free magnetic backup wrench. The Lokrite Hands-Free Backup Wrench is available in standard sizes from 1-1/4” to 6-1/8”, and is also available in metric sizes. We can manufacture custom sizes and styles of Lokrite hands free magnetic backup wrenches as well. The SMP 8-Piece set comes with Lokrites 1-1/4″ to 2-9/16″ in a protective case with custom foam inserts. When you perform bolting, torqueing or breakouts use the Lokrite hands free magnetic backup wrenches from SMP. They will save you time and help avoid injuries.



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